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Unique Challenges with Adolescent Brain Development

The latest book by renowned neuropsychiatrist Dan Siegel outlines the unique challenges of adolescent brain development. "Brainstorm" explores the science behind changes in a teenager's brain and how this impacts behavior and relationships. As we know, our inner experiences often impact our external environment.

Stress is Making our Children Sick

One in three teenagers told the American Psychological Association that school is their biggest stressor. These teenagers also reported that stress is leading to depression. When school children experience stress, teachers absorb that stress. This is a powerful feedback loop that can be destructive and debilitating.

Dynamic Mindfulness Really Works!

From the Director of the Health Center at a large urban high school: "Just got called down to the Principal's office to connect with a young person who was VERY agitated – his legs and hands were twitching, he was shaking, and his breathing was heavy. He was totally up for doing Dynamic Mindfulness... In just a few minutes, he went from melting down and being completely out of control, to calm and relaxed."