Niroga Education Programs

In a comprehensive program, at the following schools, Niroga provides 15 minute in-class sessions, and hour long classes for students in transformative life skills (TLS) , which combines movement, breathwork, and meditation. Teachers are trained in TLS techniques, applicable to themselves and to their students. Also included in Niroga’s program is a weekly meeting and practice of TLS for families.

Our after-school programs in the following schools, targeted to each age range, provide health, leadership, and coping tools for dealing successfully with stress, self-control and anger management, increase in focus and attention for enhanced academic potential, and increased self-esteem for positive role modeling in our schools and communities.

For young adults in vocational training programs our classes provide a resource for wellness and stress reduction, as well as tools to help with emotional self-control and increase in focus and attention for enhanced academic potential.

TLS Curriculum

A program for individuals, families, and communities that enhances health and well-being through Mindful Yoga, Breathing Techniques, and Meditation. Curriculum is organized into four complimentary units: Stress Management, Self Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Healthy Relationships.


KGO Radio features Niroga TLS session impact on El Cerrito HS students: Clip 1 | Clip 2

From Students...
"I think it's very good for me cause it's really help me clear out my mind and forget all the bad things and start over. And it really help me calm down when I am sad or stress out."

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From High School teachers...
"Felt nurtured. Taking care of myself first! Want to apply to myself and my class."

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