Niroga Education Programs

In a comprehensive program, at the following schools, Niroga provides 15 minute in-class sessions, and hour long classes for students in transformative life skills (TLS) , which combines movement, breathwork, and meditation. Teachers are trained in TLS techniques, applicable to themselves and to their students. Also included in Niroga’s program is a weekly meeting and practice of TLS for families.

Our after-school programs in the following schools, targeted to each age range, provide health, leadership, and coping tools for dealing successfully with stress, self-control and anger management, increase in focus and attention for enhanced academic potential, and increased self-esteem for positive role modeling in our schools and communities.

For young adults in vocational training programs our classes provide a resource for wellness and stress reduction, as well as tools to help with emotional self-control and increase in focus and attention for enhanced academic potential.

TLS Curriculum

A program for individuals, families, and communities that enhances health and well-being through Mindful Yoga, Breathing Techniques, and Meditation. Curriculum is organized into four complimentary units: Stress Management, Self Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Healthy Relationships.


KGO Radio features Niroga TLS session impact on El Cerrito HS students: Clip 1 | Clip 2

From Students...
"Yoga is good for everyone!"

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From High School teachers...
"I really liked how it was immediately useful. It can be applied today."

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