Niroga Youth Development Programs

Niroga operates successful Transformative Life Skills (TLS) programs in juvenile hall, with the key goals of reducing stress and increasing self-control.

Independent research confirms the positive effects of TLS on at-risk youth. Read a recent report on Niroga program methods and results in Alameda County Juvenile Hall: Transformative Life Skills Lowers Stress and Increases Self-Control in Incarcerated Youth (PDF 195kb)


Partner Agencies

Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center
Niroga’s program provides a comprehensive, multi-component discipline of mindful yoga, breathwork, and meditation for incarcerated youth in several units offering 27 classes per week , and a weekly class for Staff. The nature and magnitude of this intervention makes it unique across the country. Preliminary program evaluation results indicate a statistically significant decrease in stress and increase in self-control, and has elicited an overwhelmingly positive response from youth and staff. Please see summary and report for more details on evaluation results.

Camp Wilmont Sweeney
This is an unlocked, 24-hour residential program staffed for minors, who are ordered by the Alameda County Juvenile Court to be committed to the Camp. As part of the recreation program there, we offer a similar program to that in Juvenile Justice Center in 2 classes on the weekend.

Violence prevention in Juvenile Hall


Responses by incarcerated youth when asked: 'If you have taken a Niroga Yoga class, what did you learn from it?'
"I learned to listen to myself. It calmed me down when I canít get my way."

More from participants and Staff

Niroga Program Highlights
Transforming Lives and Healing Communities
- Highlights of Niroga's work with students and incarcerated youth. Students and teachers talk about how their lives have changed since discovering TLS.

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