Niroga Youth Development Services

The ability for focused attention is becoming increasingly challenging for our children and youth, given all the distractions from the plethora of electronic gadgets available ubiquitously. Additionally, most youth are chronically stressed, especially those coming from low-income and underserved communities. Stress resilience is a vital skill to prepare our youth to become emerging leaders shaping our future.


Mindful Mentoring

Vulnerable youth are matched with mentors, who help them develop and sustain their personal transformative practices, enabling healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.
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Peer Leadership

Youth are systematically trained in Transformative Leadership Skills (TLS), prepared to act as peer educators, and in due course, to become mentors for successive batches of mentees.
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Training for Staff

Most staff in youth-serving organizations are subjected to chronic stress while vicariously imbibing trauma from the youth they serve, who are themselves often dealing with primary trauma. We provide trainings for staff and administration in youth-serving organizations, helping them develop stress resilience while healing from vicarious trauma.
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Community Youth Yoga Classes

Niroga welcomes young people to all of its yoga studio classes, but also has classes especially for youth that are donation only.
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