Our Staff

Aubree Gilbert, Program Coordinator

Aubree moved to San Francisco in 2014 to receive her Bachelor or Arts Degree in Creative Writing from SFSU. Her heart immediately grew roots in the Bay Area, and she decided to stay after graduation. Aubree had taken yoga classes on and off for about 8 years, coming out of classes feeling like she had just used her body to tell the story of her struggles, and making their weight a little lighter each time. She toyed with the idea of wanting to teach, but was turned off from classic studio settings. It wasn’t until finding Niroga Institute and learning about the intersection of mental health and the science of yoga that everything fell into place. Having struggled with closeted mental health issues her whole life, she found healing, confidence, and resiliency in Trauma-informed Dynamic Mindfulness practices.

Aubree’s personal journey inspires her to provide youth with the tools she wishes she'd had then, and that is beyond grateful to have now. Aubree uses her creative writing experience to combine art and storytelling to make the practices relatable and interesting for her students. Aubree is a teacher and program coordinator for Niroga Institute in Bay Area high schools and the SF Juvenile Detention Center.