Our Staff

Linnea Rivano Barros, Accounting, Operations, & Development Coordinator

Linnea was born in Sweden, raised until she was 6 years old in Chile, and has lived ever since then in the Bay Area. She attended public schools in San Leandro before finishing her BA in Human Biology at Stanford University. She has practiced yoga since she was 8 years old, when she began by rolling around in her mom's yoga classes and doing backbends with her aunts (three of them have been Yoga instructors!!). Her experiences with mental illness throughout her teenage years into college encouraged a renewed relationship with yoga as a form of therapy and spiritual healing, which she found in Niroga's Teacher Training Program and Integral Health Fellowship. Linnea went completely bananas about Trauma-informed yoga as a tool to process and heal physical and mental trauma, so she enrolled in Niroga's Advanced Teacher Training program concurrently with the IHF program, excited and inspired to learn more about the practice of yoga to address various health conditions throughout life stages.

Linnea is now an instructor in Niroga’s programs, and complements her teaching with working at the Niroga office, contributing her organizational skills to support the Niroga mission. Since becoming an Administrative Associate for Niroga her favorite part of the job has been seeing her old classmates and teachers, and conversing with Niroga enthusiasts, who call itching to join our efforts. She's very grateful for the opportunity.