Our Staff

Tessie Tucker, Regional Program Manager, Southern US

Tessie is a mom of a patched together family, a yoga instructor and an aspiring yoga therapist. She first came to yoga due to postpartum after the birth of her son in 2012. Since then, she has been exploring, learning and leading yoga classes and teacher trainings for over 5 years. When her home yoga studio closed down, she stumbled upon Niroga through one of her clients. In the process of becoming a DMind Instructor, a shift in the Houston area led to her role as Regional Program Manager. Tessie has helped develop systems and structures, grow the Southern Region community as well as more recently supporting with tech in many of Niroga's virtual trainings.

She uses DMind to cope with her own anxiety and depression, and also uses these tools to support her family (partner, niece, nephew and son). Living in a community impacted by stress and trauma, Tessie is eager to spread the extremely accessible practices that Dynamic Mindfulness offers.