2015 Conference:
Building Stress Resilient Schools and Communities

August 14, 2015

Ever-growing stress is a reality for most of us – it is affecting the health and well-being of individuals, families, schools, institutions and organizations. Last year we brought together experts in the interconnected domains of education, health, violence prevention and child/youth development to explore the impact of chronic stress and trauma, and optimal solutions for building stress-resilient communities. It was clear from the presentations, discussions, questions and feedback that there is a need to continue these conversations.

Last August, Gabor Mate's understanding of how pathology is formed blew the minds of everyone in the room. Antwan Wilson changed the way we all think about black youth succeeding in school. The audience asked to continue the dialog about stress resilience solutions. If you were there, you remember the power of these conversations.

"Gabor Mate was prophetic. The breadth of perspective and the integration across systems that was represented by the speakers was powerful. I feel energized and inspired to continue this work."

2015 Speakers


  • Gabor Maté, MD, renowned author and mind-body physician from Vancouver, BC.


  • Antwan Wilson, Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District
  • Jennifer Frank, PhD: Research Scientist at the Prevention Research Center, Pennsylvania State University

Violence Prevention

  • David Muhammad, Vice President of Impact Justice
  • Lynette Lee, PhD, Professor of Criminal Justice, California State University, Sacramento

Child/Youth Development

  • Antonia Fokken, Faculty at CIIS and Sofia University
  • Ilene Yasemsky, Clinical Director, Willow Rock

Leadership Development

  • Bidyut Bose, PhD, Founder and Executive Director, Niroga Institute


"This was a great opportunity to learn and be energized and inspired as our school year begins. Good timing!"

Conference Videos

"Attending this conference was useful to my psychotherapy work with people dealing with trauma."

Conference Photos

"The most beneficial aspect of the conference was learning about the connection of trauma-informed care and Dynamic Mindfulness and how to apply this learning across social functions."