Niroga Events

Valentine’s Day Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop

with Andrea Weber

Sunday, February 13th - 4-6pm
$20 per person
Niroga Center
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Enjoy a nourishing two hour Yoga and Thai Massage workshop focused on invigorating the mind and relaxing the body. Bring a friend or loved one and take turns as Andrea walks each thru a series of Thai Massage Techniques. The workshop will include breath work, meditation, and basic Thai rhythmic techniques used to release tension and bring balance and peace to the body.

All Thai Massage techniques are done in a loving and thoughtful way to bring about the release of stress. A significant part of the practice of the Thai massage will include yoga-like stretches which are intended to stimulate the sen and move lom through the body via a pumping action which is connected with the our breathe. Operating on the theory that the body is permeated with lom, or air, which is inhaled into the lungs, and which subsequently travels throughout the body along 72,000 pathways called sen, or vessels.

This workshop will focus on the feet, legs, arms, hands, scalp and back. No massage experience necessary just come dressed in comfortable yoga like clothing. All blankets, pillows and mats will be available for use at Niroga.

Proceeds from this benefit event go to Niroga's community programs.