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Dynamic Mindfulness Training

February 8-9, 2019
Oakland, CA

Dynamic Mindfulness has been field-tested with thousands of educators, mental health professionals and others and has been shown to positively impact hundreds of thousands of students. It is one of four mindfulness programs from around the world that meets the stringent research criteria for evidence-based practice set by the national Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

In this two-day* immersive training you will have the opportunity to experience Niroga's Transformative Life Skills Curriculum - our scientifically validated, 440-page curriculum comprised of 48 scripted 15-minute Dynamic Mindfulness lessons that can be facilitated in diverse settings, with individuals or groups. Learn how to introduce dynamic mindfulness as a tool that will increase self-awareness, improve emotional regulation, promote healthy relationships and boost stress resilience.

*You can sign up for either day separately. Dynamic Mindfulness Foundations (day 1) is a pre-requisite for Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training (day 2).

Through practice teaching, group discussion, and expert support you will gain confidence to successfully lead Dynamic Mindfulness with students, clients, families, colleagues, and more.

Dynamic Mindfulness in school

"I taught the protocol to several classes so far; the students really seem to like it and have reported trying it on their own. I have a real tool to give students to help themselves."
- Educator

Day 1: Dynamic Mindfulness Foundations

Research shows that modeling mindfulness is one of the most effective ways you can improve your students behaviors and emotions.

Dynamic Mindfulness Foundations focuses on self-care as the first step in sharing these valuable tools with students. You will learn why it is essential to heal before you teach through an investigation of the science of how Dynamic Mindfulness works. You will also develop skills to be able to incorporate Dynamic Mindfulness into your life, providing you with greater personal and professional sustainability.

Day 2: Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training

Learn to teach Dynamic Mindfulness as a tool for stress resilience, focused attention and emotion regulation.

During the second day of this immersive training you will gain experience teaching Dynamic Mindfulness. You will also be able to confidently implement our Transformative Life Skills Curriculum – scientifically validated, 48 scripted Dynamic Mindfulness lessons that can be facilitated in diverse settings, with individuals or groups. Through practice teaching, group discussion, and expert support you will be able to successfully lead Dynamic Mindfulness with students, clients, families, colleagues, and more. You will also deepen your own Dynamic Mindfulness practice of mindful movement, breathing techniques, and centering.

It is recommended to take the two day training as a comprehensive learning opportunity, but we understand busy schedules! You are welcome to sign up for 1 day of the training, but please know that the Dynamic Mindfulness Foundations (Day 1) is a prerequisite for the Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training (Day 2). If you have previously taken the Foundations course, you are invited to join us for Day 2 of this training. If you have any questions, please contact us at [javascript protected email address].

Dynamic Mindfulness Training

"This training was so great! I loved learning the dynamic movements because I feel they will be much more exciting to the students than just breathing and centering."
- Educator

Learning Objectives

Day 1: Dynamic Mindfulness Foundation Training

  • Identify personal stressors and coping mechanisms
  • Utilize tools for stress-resilience that are personally optimal
  • Understand and explain the impact of chronic stress on the brain and behavior
  • Interpret the neuro-scientific basis of how Dynamic Mindfulness works
  • Describe how Dynamic Mindfulness can help mitigate the effects of trauma, including secondary trauma
  • Apply trauma-informed instruction to their Dynamic Mindfulness protocol
  • Facilitate a 15-minute Dynamic Mindfulness protocol that can be done anytime, anywhere

Day 2: Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training

  • Identify and analyze the benefits of Dynamic Mindfulness as a tool for stress management, self-care, and healing from secondary trauma.
  • Describe how Dynamic Mindfulness can enhance stress-resilience, increase attention, self-control, and emotion regulation in children, adolescents, and adults.
  • Design a lesson or client session that strategically incorporates the Dynamic Mindfulness ABCs for the specific needs of that class, student, or client.
  • Apply appropriate interventions for student or client stress response of fight, flight or freeze.
  • Apply trauma-informed instruction to their Dynamic Mindfulness protocol.
  • Facilitate a 15-minute Dynamic Mindfulness protocol that can be utilized in a professional setting.
  • Create an implementation plan to integrate Dynamic Mindfulness into their professional practice.

This training is based on our comprehensive, CASEL approved curriculum. Participants will receive a copy of this book as part of the training.

"Given endemic chronic stress, traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress in our communities, we need trauma-informed Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in order to address the needs of the whole child.  We must heal our children before we rush to teach them."
- Bidyut Bose, Founder & Executive Director, Niroga Institute

This training is for everyone

The skills learned in this training can be used personally and applied professionally, anytime and anywhere and are of particular use to:

  • teachers
  • after-school coordinators
  • school administrators
  • school based mental health clinicians

For the past 10 years, we have provided these trainings to educators, public or behavioral health professionals, law enforcement and criminal justice officials, human resources professionals, parents and adult allies, and other NGO's focused on health, education, violence prevention, and youth development. We have served over 50,000 students and trained over 10,000 educators.

"The Mental Health Services Act is very focused on wellness and recovery and this fits in perfectly with that model - providing people that we work with not only medication and therapy but tools that they can use to get well and stay well."
- Mental Health Professional

Dynamic Mindfulness in school


The 2 Day training will be conducted by Bidyut Bose, Niroga Founder & Executive Director and Rosalind Lwin, Training Director.


Continuing Education Units

  • Educators can receive 0.5 units of Continuing Education from Cal State East Bay for each 6-hour day of the trainings. Both days together are available for 1 unit.
  • The two-day training meets the qualifications for 12 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Provider Number: 128478.
  • There is an additional administrative $20 fee to issue CEUs.
  • For more information on Continuing Education Credits.


Travel and Accommodations

The Oakland International Airport is the closest airport and is easily accessible via the BART train. The San Francisco International Airport is also an option and is also on the BART train line.

The training site is close to downtown Oakland and the Marriott City Center is a great hotel option. There is also the Courtyard Marriott hotel.

Travel to Training Site
Niroga's Training Center at Fellowship Hall, located at 259 29th St, Oakland, CA 94611 is about a 15-20 min walk from the 19th St BART train station. The AC Transit Bus System has multiple lines that will drop you off very close to the training center.


Dynamic Mindfulness Training
Friday, February 8, 2019
Saturday, February 9, 2019
9am-4pm PST, with break for lunch

Location: Niroga Training Center at Oakland Peace Center's Fellowship Hall
259 29th Street, Oakland CA 94611 (diagonal from Grocery Outlet)
Please note that wheelchair accessible bathrooms are not yet available at the training center.

Your Day 1 registration fee includes Niroga's CASEL recommended curriculum.

Please note that all registration fees and CEU costs are non-refundable. Because there are no refunds for the Niroga CEU administration fee or the Cal State East Bay cost per unit, please confirm with your employer or district that CEUs provided through Cal State East Bay are eligible.

Day 1 only

Dynamic Mindfulness Foundations Training - $250

Day 2 only

Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training - $250