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Supporting SEL with Dynamic Mindfulness, SXSW EDU Conference

Austin, TX | March 4-7, 2019

Join BK Bose, Founder and Executive Director, and Rebekah Stone Guill, Regional Program Director, Southern US, at our SXSW EDU Workshop, Supporting SEL with Dynamic Mindfulness, from 4-6 pm CST on March 6th. In this interactive workshop, you will gain a deep understanding of how chronic stress and trauma impacts brain functioning and our ability to learn, focus attention, regulate emotions, have empathy, and cope in healthy ways. Through hands-on activities, we will explore personally optimal ways to embed evidence-based trauma-informed Dynamic Mindfulness tools into daily classroom activities to promote SEL and stress resiliency skills for a more joyful and productive learning environment.

The SXSW EDU Conference & Festival fosters innovation in learning by hosting a community of optimistic, forward-thinking, purpose-driven stakeholders with a shared goal of impacting the future of teaching and learning. Developing from a regional event into an international platform, SXSW EDU continues to support the community’s desire to connect, collaborate and impact the future of education.

Located at the Austin Convention Center and Hilton Austin Downtown in Austin, TX. Website:



SXSW EDU Conference
Austin, TX
March 4-7, 2019

Registration: Through Hosting Conference