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Yoga4Niroga Ambassadors

These teachers are using their voice and passion to serve the community and support Niroga as Yoga4Niroga Ambassadors!
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A Piece of Yoga

We love Niroga because it allows us to create a safe space for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, backgrounds, and abilities to understand the power of their breath and enjoy the benefits of yoga beyond the asana (physical practice). Niroga has equipped us with the tools we need to cultivate stronger and more mindful individuals in under-served communities. 

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Anasa Yoga

We love Niroga because our studio believes in their model approach in bridging the benefits of yoga with education, health care, and juvenile justice, especially with our most vulnerable populations. We've seen their results and collaborate with Niroga to cultivate a more peaceful and loving world.

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Vita Burwell

I love Niroga because I feel welcome here as myself. I love the authenticity of the people who choose to engage in the work of revolutionary healing - showing up for themselves and each other in meaningful and tangible ways.

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Sita Davis

I love Niroga because they know that Yoga is for EVERYBODY, not just those who have money and time to enjoy it in fancy yoga pants. And Niroga's amazing programs work hard to get the mindful breath and movement to the places where it is most needed, like underserved schools, prisons and community centers. I am a graduate of Niroga's Teacher Training and the Yoga Therapy Program, and feel immensely grateful for all that I continue to learn from the fantastic faculty and staff.

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Flying Studios

We love Niroga because we believe everyone should have access to life-transforming movement and mindfulness practices.

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Ainka J. Fulani

I love Niroga because I deeply believe in the work Niroga is doing. I've spent my entire life finding ways to help people find ease in their every day existence, even if things seem challenging and teaching at Niroga for me is an extension of that.

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Colleen Gavan

I love Niroga because of its mission to "change the zipcode of yoga". Yoga continues to help me (and my clients & students) to heal on so many levels. I am passionate about making these practices accessible to as many people as possible-- especially those that are primarily underserved in the community. The more I learn about Niroga and the deeper I go into my own practice the more strongly I feel that what Niroga offers is essential to healing our communities and to creating a more peaceful society.

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Jennifer Meek

I love Niroga because it serves communities who can highly benefit from yogic tools, but who would otherwise likely never be exposed to it. Niroga staff and teachers embody karma yoga (selfless service) and truly live their yoga!

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Elizabeth McKinley

I love Niroga because yoga is not about cutting off the outside world; it's about finding connection to your true self to be able to connect with others and strengthen communities from within.

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Namaste Yoga + Wellness

We love Niroga because we value each and every member of the community and feel that yoga should be for every body regardless of age, race or income.

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Poh Teng

I love Niroga because it brings the healing practice of yoga to under-represented populations in the yoga industry.  Niroga is an inspiration to me in making the world a more peaceful and kind place.

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Yoga Love


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