El Cerrito High School In Class Program Shines

A pilot program funded by Full Circle Fund brought the Niroga Transformative Life Skills (TLS) program – a 15-minute protocol including yoga, breathing techniques and meditation – to 15 classrooms with 472 students at El Cerrito High School during the Fall 2008 semester. Students and teachers were enthusiastic about the work, and research to assess the impact of the work showed promising results.

Analysis of the results revealed significant differences between intervention and control groups' scores on an instrument designed to measure self-control. On an instrument designed to measure stress levels, the group that participated in the TLS program demonstrated a decrease in stress and the control group demonstrated a slight increase in stress levels.

In addition, feedback from both students and teachers was very positive:

"I have found yoga to help me find a peaceful place within myself. I am very grateful for this and am glad when we have yoga in class."
– Student, ECHS

"I think it has made me think of how I can control myself better in bad situations and think of ways to relax better."
– Student, ECHS

"I am seeing the beneficial effects of TLS on my students; I feel inspired to apply yoga in my life."
– Teacher, ECHS