Niroga Presents at Teaching for Social Justice Conference

"I thought it was helpful to learn new skills such as yoga & breathing techniques for myself & for students. It is a positive resource to enhance focus, well being, & emotional regulation"
– Teacher at conference

As we have done for the past 3 years, Niroga participated in The Teachers for Social Justice conference on October 10, 2009 at Mission High School in San Francisco. Teachers for Social Justice is a grassroots non-profit teacher support and development organization providing opportunities for self-transformation, leadership, and community building to ~1,500 educators to affect meaningful change in the classroom, school, community and society.

BK Bose, Niroga's Executive Director, presented a workshop on 'Transformative Life Skills for Stress Resilience and Focus/Attention' in which he talked about using TLS's ABCs (mindful action, breathwork, and centering) to help teachers with their own self-care as well as in the classroom.

BK gave the group an opportunity to experience TLS first-hand and facilitated discussion on the topic. Here are more comments from the participants:

"I appreciated the fact that Niroga is providing us with immediate tools for classroom and self-sustainability. Thank you!!!"

"The idea of self care in order to care for others in a very self-less profession. I like that we are walking away with techniques"

"I liked practicing the relaxation techniques. Felt relaxed and allowed me to STOP and focus on myself. This was wonderful!!"

"I really liked this workshop because it helped me relax. I learned the importance of integrating these techniques into the classroom and when to do it at appropriate times."