Catalyst for Change: Training Mental Health Professionals

Niroga representatives recently traveled to Los Angeles to conduct a comprehensive Transformative Life Skills (TLS) training for local agencies working with at-risk adolescents.

Enhancing existing practice of mental health professionals, educators, and law enforcement with TLS can be a game-changer for positive youth development and a powerful catalyst at the organizational level, as the very positive response by training attendees showed.

The seminar was split into two modules: The first focused on stress management, self care and self-mastery for health professionals themselves. The second focused on translating these essential skills into client settings in ways that would complement, enhance, and enable their current best practices.

Thirty senior managers and mental health professionals attended the day-long training, representing a total of nine agencies, including: Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, My Friend's Place, Gay and Lesbian Center Youth Department, Los Angeles Youth Network, Saban Free Clinic; Angel's Flight, The Way In and Hollywood Arts, Cirque du Monde, Covenant House California, and Children's Institute Inc.

The results were "incredibly positive," according to the host of the event, the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. At a local collaborative meeting following the training, she told us that, "Participants were sharing how much they enjoyed the training and how many have already started using it in their work."

A post-training evaluation conducted by Children's Hospital revealed that 96% of those in attendance would attend an additional training like the one led by Niroga that day; and even more overwhelmingly, 100% of respondents would recommend the training to others. One attendee wrote, "Thank you so much! Please come to LA more to spread this amazing wisdom."

With such trainings as this, Niroga is able to offer professionals, who work with youth, an additional protocol that enhances their current practices in positively impacting young lives. Additionally, these on-site trainings are capacity building, bringing Niroga's proven transformative practices into more communities than Niroga could do single-handedly.