Yoga for All Ages: Celebrating 90 Years

Turning 90 is no small feat — and what better way to spend the big birthday than with some of your peers and friends?

For Joe, who recently turned 90 himself, attending BK Bose's weekly Yoga Class for Seniors was the perfect way to celebrate the very special day. Every week this Niroga Center class provides an opportunity for 60+ year-olds to come together in a physical space that allows them to feel strong and determined.

I first met Joe during that class, and saw how he and the other students moved through Bridge pose, Tree pose, and other asanas, guided by BK's firm yet soothing voice. I could plainly see, too, the sense of wonder and fun the seniors had as the class moved forward.

Joe was no less inspirational the second time I met him. Recently, in a Niroga Yoga Therapy workshop, he came in to learn poses to help his back, knees and shoulders. By working with his partner, he was able to fully engage in the session — he even played the role of a Therapist-in-training too! He checked out his partner's knees and the rest of her skeletal system, adjusting her posture and providing recommendations to keep her knees firm and healthy.

Seeing the dedication of a yogi at age 90, this 22-year-old marvels at how yoga can really be seen as a life-long process of healing and strengthening.

- Prachi Muraka, Yoga Therapist in training