Transformative Life Skills for Public Safety

In Alameda County, public agencies, such as the Sheriff's Office, Health Care Services, and Probation are partnering together along with NGOs to provide wraparound support services to the inmates of Santa Rita County Jail, in an effort to move it from a detention facility to more of a 'correctional family treatment center'. As a pilot project, Operation My Home Town (OMHT) will bring added rehabilitative services to a group of inmates from the Eden area communities of Alameda County both inside the jail and outside upon re-entry. According to the County, OMHT will "significantly contribute to redefining Santa Rita as a rehabilitation system capable of transforming lives."

Niroga has been asked to be a part of this project. Inside the jail we will be providing twice weekly classes for both men and women, who, post-release, will be encouraged, along with their families, to continue in our classes in the community. Niroga's Transformative Life Skills (TLS) classes, integrating a kinesthetic component with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (iCBT), will enhance and enable the continuity of care of the other services provided by OMHT, such as help with basic education, GED, anger management, employability, substance abuse and parenting skills.

The goal of OMHT is to increase public safety in Alameda County and to decrease recidivism of inmates out of Santa Rita Jail as they return to their home communities. This innovative project will be evaluated and serve as a pilot for continued systems change, and if successful the County says that "its approach will form a basis for a seismic shift in jail policy and practice." Niroga is pleased to be a part of this crucial collaboration.