Niroga News - 2012

Niroga offers free App: Manage Your Stress

Four simple techniques you can use anywhere, anytime, to manage stress in just two minutes. Video clips and descriptive text show you how. Use this app at your desk, standing in line, waiting for an appointment - anywhere anytime - to become more calm and relaxed in moments.

From Anger to Positivity in an Hour

Working with the particularly vulnerable students at De Anza High School in Richmond last semester, Niroga brought hour-long yoga classes twice a week to classrooms in the Transitional Education Placement (TEP) program, specifically for students with social/emotional special needs that typically translate into behavioral issues.

Compelling Evidence that TLS Works!

An independent Research Report finds that with TLS, "Students showed lower levels of perceived stress and greater levels of self-control, school engagement, emotional awareness, distress tolerance and altered attitude towards violence."

Transformative Life Skills for Public Safety

Alameda County public agencies, such as the Sheriff's Office, Health Care Services, and Probation are partnering together along with NGOs, including Niroga Institute, to provide wraparound support services to the inmates of Santa Rita County Jail, in an effort to move it from a detention facility to more of a 'correctional family treatment center'.