Niroga TLS Curriculum: A Powerful Tool for Transforming Education

Niroga CurriculumNiroga Institute released a comprehensive curriculum for secondary schools today, enabling academic, social and emotional learning. Based on years of experience working with thousands of children and youth in schools and alternative schools, validated by independent research with compelling findings and implications, this curriculum has elicited an overwhelmingly positive response from students and parents, classroom teachers and school-based behavioral health professionals all over the country and beyond.

Niroga calls this simple yet powerful intervention Transformative Life Skills (TLS), which includes mindful yoga, breathing techniques and meditation. The curriculum provides detailed lesson plans for 48 in-class TLS sessions, so that classroom teachers can lead their students in the ABCs (mindful Acting, Breathing and Centering). TLS helps students pay attention and regulate their emotions, enhances their resilience in the presence of chronic stress as well as traumatic/post-traumatic stress, and makes them ready to learn, transforming their internal environments even while transforming classroom climates and school-wide learning environments.

Evaluating the impact of TLS in just 20-minute sessions in classrooms three times per week, Dr. Jennifer Frank, Research Scientist at the Prevention Research Center at Pennsylvania State University, said: "Students showed lower levels of perceived stress and greater levels of self-control, school engagement, emotional awareness, distress tolerance and altered attitude towards violence." (Frank, 2012). Since students from underserved communities are often exposed to greater stress and trauma, we believe that TLS can have multi-dimensional impact on narrowing the academic achievement gap, enhancing education equity, and dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline.

With funding from the Give Back Yoga Foundation and other donors, Niroga is preparing to deliver every one of these 48 20-minute TLS lessons as videos and mobile applications, so that they are freely available to anyone, anytime, anywhere