When The Student is Ready - The Teacher Will Come

A Student Reflection by Dawn Neideffer

I feel trite when I say words do not express what Niroga's Teacher Training Program means to me. I have a room full of things to say but what ends up on paper seems like a small side table in the corner. Take last summer for instance. Last year this time, calls to Niroga prompted several Nirogis to say, "I did the training. It was amazing. You're going to love it."

I was intrigued. I knew I loved yoga. I knew I wanted to share yoga. What I didn't understand, was why these strangers all felt compelled to tell me this. I mean, I was already "in". I needed no more convincing to sign on, yet I played back their words over and over, curiosity piquing, anticipation mounting as September 15th neared.

September 15, 2012: We sat, backs toward the wall, on our mats, eager and excited. Agreements were signed, materials doled out and we were off! Every other Saturday, we learned and practiced the postures, we studied and discussed the philosophy, and we bonded and shared food during the breaks. We saw each other at Niroga's weekday classes. We teachers-in-training were building our own branch to add to the Niroga family tree.

I find it hard to believe the training is already complete. I sincerely love my Niroga family and miss seeing them on a regular basis.

I learned a lot of simple things that make tremendous impacts on my life:

  • Niroga taught me to recognize areas of fear in myself and confront the fear with understanding and compassion.
  • Niroga taught me how grand yoga is and how imparting a-thousands-year-old-practice to others is humbling.
  • I've learned social change is possible even if only by connecting to one person at a time.
  • I've learned patience, acceptance and introspection on levels I didn't know I had in me.
  • I learned to love freely and express it openly.
  • I've learned how to better care for myself and to that end, how to better care for others.

I now know why the Nirogis told me it was an amazing experience, and I was going to love it. In short, the experience was life changing, and I am deeply grateful. I am a baby, an infant in the world of living yoga. I look forward to each day and how I can apply my yoga training. It has changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined, when I called Niroga last summer.

I look through my notes and Niroga binder often. I came across this saying today:

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.