Niroga News - 2013

Yoga: Peace and Justice for Urban Youth

An interview with Danielle Ancin, program manager for the Niroga Institute. Danielle developed a yoga-based therapeutic program for psychosocial care for displaced (IDP) adults and children in southern Colombia. She now teaches yoga and in-class TLS (Transformative Life Skills) in public schools (elementary through high school), and in the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center (detention facility).

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Come

Dawn knew she loved yoga and that she wanted to share it with her community, but what she did not know was how profoundly she would grow during the Teacher Training Program. "Niroga taught me to recognize areas of fear in myself and confront the fear with understanding and compassion."

Finding Health and Wholeness in Niroga's Teacher Training

"Our Niroga family taught me that yoga doesn't merely imply union; it creates it." Despite enduring a traumatic childhood and facing numerous life challenges, Will persevered and became a doctor. He worked tirelessly to become a surgeon, yet early into his career he had to leave the profession due a physical ailment that had plagued him for years. Will's life was in turmoil. He had practiced yoga on and off for most of his adult life, and was drawn to it as he struggled with his life's next steps. He was encouraged to join the Niroga Certified Teacher Training Program, and ten months later completed the program transformed.

How Yoga Could Help Keep Kids In School

Scientific evidence supports the idea that practices like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga can help address individual and societal problems. School dropout rates, substance abuse, PTSD among veterans, incarceration and recidivism rates, etc can all be impacted through these practices.

The Transformation at Tech

Oakland Technical High School has become one of the most sought-after public schools in the city, overcoming years of low academic performance and past safety concerns. Niroga TLS programs are an important part of the school's remarkable transformation.

Niroga TLS Curriculum: A Powerful Tool for Transforming Education

Niroga Institute's comprehensive curriculum for secondary schools enables academic, social and emotional learning. Based on years of experience working with thousands of children and youth in schools and validated by independent research, this curriculum has elicited an overwhelmingly positive response from students and parents, classroom teachers and school-based behavioral health professionals all over the country and beyond.

TLS at Oak Tech High School: From Special Education to Honors Biology

When Niroga started at Oakland Technical High School with in-class TLS sessions, the teachers were cautiously optimistic. Most were not sure if their students would respond positively to yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation. Many were concerned about the value gained by taking 15 -30 minutes out of their lesson plans in social studies, english, science, and math for TLS. The classrooms ranged from Special Ed with 3 students to Honors Biology with 33 students.