Catalysts for Positive Youth Development

Mentoring by caring adults has been shown to have a measurable impact on the life trajectories of youth. Mindfulness, neuroscientists have concluded, is essential to mental training for positive youth development.  Niroga integrates both into its Mindful Mentoring program, where vulnerable youth are matched with mentors, who help them develop and sustain their personal transformative practices, enabling healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

Designed as a six-month dynamic mindfulness program, empowering young people to connect with their inner strength and to address some of the key challenges facing our communities, including violence reduction, bullying prevention, discrimination and intolerance.

The three major focus areas of Mindful Mentoring include:

  • Developing life skills for optimal personal development
  • Increasing social connections with peers as well as compassionate adults
  • Providing opportunities for community service

Complementing our Mindful Mentoring program is our year-long Peer Leadership program, where youth are systematically trained in Transformative Leadership Skills (TLS), prepared to act as peer educators.  Peer Leadership provides a pay-forward service pathway, as peer leaders return to the Mindful Mentoring program as mentors, creating a powerful positive feedback loop for individual and community transformation, building healthy communities, enabling academic excellence and ensuring safe and vibrant neighborhoods.