Mindful Yoga for Youth in Crisis

"Your program needs to be the very foundation of everything we do!" said the Clinical Director of a lock-down 24x7 psychiatric crisis stabilization facility for youth, when asked why she thought Niroga’s program was critical for transforming the lives of high-risk youth. ¬†Out of Niroga’s very first meeting with the director, a comprehensive program to help over 600 youth there every year, along with support for staff wellness and mindful parenting for the families, is in the works

Mindful yoga for youth

Almost every adolescent experiencing a mental health emergency is dealing with chronic stress, traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress. Multiple strands of research including neuroscience, somatic psychology and trauma research show that Mindful Yoga is optimal for emotion regulation. Our program will complement, enhance and enable all prevention and intervention efforts, and will include onsite yoga classes by Niroga Yoga Teachers, along with staff training and coaching, as well as family supports for stress resilience and healing trauma.

It is not only a moral imperative but also a financial imperative to provide transformative life skills to youth in crisis. A 7-day stay in a psychiatric health facility costs around $10,000, and about one in five youth is back for treatment within 90 days. Not only could Mindful Yoga change and save numerous lives, if our program can lower recidivism by just 5%, it will save the system hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, with a return-on-investment of 4-fold or 400%!