Prevention and Management of Chronic Diseases

Discussing healthy living, the Mayo Clinic notes: "Stress and Anxiety are everywhere. If they are getting the best of you, you may want to give yoga a try…The potential health benefits of yoga include stress reduction, improved fitness, and management of chronic conditions." Since 75% of our health care dollars goes to treatment of chronic conditions, ubiquitous dissemination of Healing Yoga could have a pervasive impact on our health and well-being, while saving us billions of dollars annually.

Niroga Institute is integrating the art and science of yoga therapeutics and training yoga teachers to become healers, capable of preventing and managing chronic conditions and promoting the well-being of special populations. Discussing our Yoga Therapy training program, a recent graduate and long-time MD, had this to say: "I think as with all learning, we come for our own purpose, to heal ourselves. Wholeness as a human being has to occur before we can ask it of others. The beauty of this offering is that it is truly completing the circle." We are currently accepting applications to our 800-hour Certified Yoga Therapy program.