Independent Research Shows TLS works with High-Risk Youth

Journal of Applied School PsychologyThe Journal of Applied School Psychology in its February issue published a study that Transformative Life Skills or TLS is effective in reducing “anxiety, depression and global psychological distress”. TLS has been taught in many schools and alternative schools for over nine years. The study, “Effectiveness of a School-Based Yoga Program on Adolescent Mental Health, Stress Coping Strategies, and Attitudes Toward Violence: Findings from a High-Risk Sample,” was led by Jennifer L. Frank, of Prevention Research Center at Pennsylvania State University.

The results of this study are highly significant. Dr. Frank said, “A particularly important finding of relevance to this population was the strong and significant reductions we found in youth report of revenge motivation and hostility.” TLS has been gaining prominence in the mindfulness field, especially in the areas of education, health care, violence prevention and youth development. According to another study in the Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, “Adolescents’ ability to modulate their emotional responses to stress is increasingly being recognized as an important skill for ensuring mental health, academic success, and healthy transition into adulthood.” Several studies in recent times show that yoga in classroom settings helps reduce stress in children and importantly increases their attention and concentration span, creating a learning readiness in students.

This study continues to build a robust evidence base for dynamic mindfulness, and has direct implications for dismantling the trillion-dollar school-to-prison pipeline, while closing the academic achievement gap and enabling education equity. It is a key resource for innovators in education seeking to improve student academic, social and emotional learning, while transforming school and classroom climate.