Teachers and Students Talk About TLS at their San Diego Elementary School

Since last August when Niroga conducted a TLS training for all 30 staff at King-Chavez Arts and Athletics Academies in Southeast San Diego, they have been doing TLS in every classroom, every school day.  

The teachers reported:

  •  “TLS has been a huge success in my class. The students that I didn’t think would buy into it, have. They even remind me when I sometimes forget. They seem to love it.”
  • “I have been pleasantly surprised with TLS. My students have really bought into the idea and we’ve had some pretty good talks about stress … we have shown the students how important these strategies are in helping us manage our stress.”
  • “TLS is FANTASTIC! My kids look forward to it and take it very seriously. I have observed one of my students doing the moves on his own when he is feeling overwhelmed! Neat to see.”
  • “I love TLS. I believe it gets to the core of what we should be doing – teaching life and coping skills in addition to core content.”

250 third-to-fifth graders were surveyed:

  • 9 out of 10 students said that they liked TLS
  • 3 out of 4 students said that they are using TLS in school on their own, in addition to the practice led by their teacher
  • 2 out of 3 students said they are using TLS outside school

Comments from the students

San Diego students benefit from TLSOn the TLS practice:

  • It helps me relax and focus.
  • It helps me concentrate.
  • It’s the only part of the school time that I get to have peace.
  • If you are mad or stressed by someone you can do TLS.
  • When I finish doing it, I feel that I am ready to learn.

On using TLS outside of the classroom:

  • I use TLS when I get mad and when my brother hits me
  • I use TLS when I’m sad
  • I use it when my parents are mad at me.
  • I use TLS at my house and when I am mad or stressed out.
  • I use it at my auntie’s house and I show my cousin how to do it.


San Diego students benefit from TLSNiroga’s program at King-Chavez included an introductory 6-hour TLS training for all staff for both personal and professional application, monthly individual coaching, regular onsite advisor meetings and coaching, and daily TLS sessions led by staff for students in their classroom.

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