Yoga for Self and World Transformation

Watch a brief message from BK, the Executive Director, on the possibility of changing the world through yoga. "Why would yoga make a difference to the world? What does yoga have to contribute? We spend so much time, so much energy on trying to fix our external environment. In many ways whether its institutions, social structures, governments, leaders; how much time do we spend correspondingly, on taking care of our internal environments? The environments within us. The environments we create with our values, with our beliefs, our thoughts our words, our actions. Why do we forget that so much depends on our ourselves, our behaviors? Yoga provides a way, a foundational, powerful, palpable way to change our behaviors from the inside out. To become a bit more loving, a bit more compassionate, a bit more grateful, a bit more forgiving, a bit more empathetic. So that we really start to feel that of course, each one of us is interconnected with the other. Our futures are intertwined. There is no joy in the finite, only the infinite says the Upanishads." Watch the video to hear more.