Breathe Easier with Healing Yoga Protocol for Asthma

One in 10 children, and one in 12 adults in the US have asthma – that is about 30 million people, and the annual cost is around $60 Billion. Internationally, over 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, and the World Health Organization predicts that this number will grow to over 400 million by 2025!

As part of the Alameda County Public Health Department's focus on chronic disease prevention and management, they requested us to create a 15-minute Healing Yoga video protocol for asthma, available online so that anyone can practice it anytime, anywhere.

The essence of this yoga protocol is a two-pronged approach:

  • Gentle stretches to open up your chest and engage your diaphragm to enable easier breathing
  • Deep and rhythmic breathing techniques to decrease and manage your stress to enable relaxation

This brief Healing Yoga protocol provides variations of the yoga poses and movements for different levels of capability, allowing for adaptation by all. We are also working with a mobile app developer to offer this on your smartphone and tablet in the near future. Please check out this asthma protocol video below, share it with friends and family, and let us know your thoughts on its usefulness.