Niroga Dynamic Mindfulness program meets CASEL's stringent criteria for Evidence-Based Practice

The national Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has just released its resource guide for secondary education. Our Transformative Life Skills curriculum is one of the few mindfulness-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs that has met CASEL's stringent criteria for evidence-based practice.

What are the connections between SEL and Mindfulness? Take a look at two wheels – one lists core competencies of SEL, while the other shows the capabilities that are systematically developed by Transformative Life Skills (TLS), a Dynamic Mindfulness practice.

SEL with TLS

As you map CASEL competencies to TLS, you find that Self-Awareness shows up in both. Emotion regulation is the essential capability of acting rather than re-acting, for choosing what is good in the long term instead of what is merely pleasant in the short term. Therefore, self-regulation is the powerful catalyst for Self-Management and Responsible Decision Making. And as we develop interpersonal mindfulness skills it leads to healthy relationships, which is the key enabler for Social Awareness as well as Relationship Skills.

The latest neuroscience research is clear on the impact of chronic stress on brain and behavior, and so TLS develops these core capabilities of self-awareness, emotion regulation and healthy relationships as a systematic progression, beginning with stress resilience.