Dynamic Mindfulness Training in Oakland on August 12-13

Our Dynamic Mindfulness Training is a comprehensive Professional Development course for educators and mental health professionals. Learn the foundations of Dynamic Mindfulness, and how to integrate this scientifically validated practice in the classroom and with your clients. You will also gain valuable tools for increasing personal sustainability.

Our Summer Learning Institute: Join the 2-day Dynamic Mindfulness training on August 12-13 and the Stress Resilience conference on August 14 for a special package rate.  Register now, as space is limited for the training portion of the Summer Learning Institute.

Dynamic Mindfulness is an evidence-based, trauma-informed practice for increasing Stress Resilience, and enabling Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Integrating mindful movement, breath regulation and focused attention, it systematically develops self-awareness, emotion regulation and healthy relationships.

Why Dynamic Mindfulness?

For educators:

  • School and Classroom Climate - enable emotion regulation and pro-social behavior
  • Learning Readiness - increase focus, engagement and motivation to learn
  • Academic Success - enhance stress resilience, self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Staff wellness - ensure personal sustainability through stress management and healing vicarious trauma

For Mental Health Professionals:

  • Stress Resilience - enhance client stress resilience through embodied practices
  • Self-Awareness - develop client capability for proprioceptive and interoceptive awareness
  • Emotion Regulation - enable vertical integration of client kinesthetic, emotional and cognitive components
  • Personal Sustainability - ensure stress management and healing vicarious trauma

Testimonials from Dynamic Mindfulness Trainings

  • "We are using our TLS curriculum toolkit daily, and this has already played a large role in our ability to find calm."
  • "Concepts/techniques learned today fit very well with the current trauma model we're using at the therapeutic foster care program."
    –Mental Health Professional
    "I learned so many helpful strategies and ideas. It helped to personally refocus me, and gave me a new foundation on which to form our lessons on."