"That Makes Me Feel So Powerful!"

It was a weekly Peer Leadership Meeting with students from an Oakland high school. After each of the 12 in the circle led the others in a few minutes of practice, we all sat down to discuss the connections between optimal leadership qualities and Dynamic Mindfulness. Several leadership behaviors quickly emerged: authenticity, passion, humility, empathy, fearlessness, and more.

And then we asked the students to reflect on the possible connections between the leadership behaviors that they had enumerated, and the dynamic mindfulness practices such as Mindful Movement, Breath Regulation and Centering Practices, that they had been learning.

And then it was time to share out. Looking everyone straight in the eye, a young African American male named Chris said, "You know, horrific things have happened to me, and I have seen terrible things happen to people around me. It used to make me so mad, and I would feel so sad. But you know, as I keep doing my practice, I feel that these things don't get to me as much as they used to. And that makes me feel so powerful!"