Impact of Mindful Mentoring

Freddie Gray died in police custody and the US Justice Department is investigating the incident. As Baltimore grieves, Gray's family is pleading for peaceful demonstrations, but the violent clashes have been difficult to control. We know that chronic stress and trauma impact our ability to self-regulate, and that impacts everything we do! What difference could mindfulness practice make, if our Police and our youth learned to act with self-mastery?

"This work is inspiring, hopeful, and revolutionary," said one of our mentors in our Mindful Mentoring Program. Over six months of community gatherings, retreats and Dynamic Mindfulness classes, as well as ongoing regular communication, mentors help mentees develop and sustain a personal transformative practice. One of the mentees, a young adult in the program, said, "I am tired of drugs, anger and violence in the streets. Our communities need peace and healing, and yoga can bring that. That is the gift I want to bring to my communities." As we look for root causes and upstream solutions, it is imperative that we provide the transformative life skills of stress resilience, self-awareness, emotion regulation and empathic relationships, especially to those who live with disproportionately higher stress and trauma.