On 10th Anniversary, Niroga opens Los Angeles Office

Building on the success of school programs in San Diego, and the growing need for our Dynamic Mindfulness programs throughout Southern California, Niroga celebrates its 10th birthday by opening a branch office in Los Angeles, with Coleen Armstrong-Yamamura as Program Manager.

Driven by a passion for social justice and a desire to contribute to the education movement, Coleen joined Teach For America (TFA) as a member of the 2008 corps in New Orleans, Louisiana. Working as an educator in a community with staggering poverty and violence, Coleen learned that her teenage students needed more than the skills of reading, writing and arithmetic to be able to achieve their goals and dreams. Her students faced daily stress and trauma from their environment that prohibited them from realizing their full potential as students and young adults.

As a yoga practitioner, Coleen tried sharing some of the mindful movement, relaxation and concentration techniques of yoga with her students. The positive effects of these practices on her students were so inspiring to Coleen that in 2014, she took the year off of teaching to become a certified yoga teacher and to try to find a way to broaden her impact by bringing these transformative practices to underserved schools, students, and families. Serendipitously, Coleen found Niroga was already blazing a path in dynamic mindfulness in schools and she is overjoyed to have the opportunity to join the Niroga family in this important and transformative work.