Preventing Self-Harm Among Teenagers

A concerned parent from a high-performing Silicon Valley high school reached out for help recently, after another student at that school had committed suicide. While parents, teachers, counselors and administrators were frantically looking for solutions, the students were vocal at a recent school board meeting. They were clear on what they needed:

  • Help us manage our stress
  • Provide us with mentoring and peer support
  • Show us how to be happy

This parent reached out to us because our Transformative Life Skills (TLS) program, a Dynamic Mindfulness (DM) intervention, has been proven to provide just what the students are asking for. DM practices have been recognized to be an optimal solution to chronic stress, traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress. In an independent study published in the Journal of Applied School Psychology, researchers concluded, "students who participated in the Transformative Life Skills program demonstrated significant reductions in anxiety, depression, and global psychological distress." Our Mindful Mentoring and Peer Leadership programs have received an overwhelmingly positive response from students, teachers and administrators. Thousands of years of contemplative practice as well as multiple strands of cutting-edge research point to mindfulness as the lasting source of genuine happiness.

We are discussing a school-wide DM program for students, staff and parents, to help transform the school climate for years to come; stay tuned!