Teacher Professional Development: Positive Reviews for Online Dynamic Mindfulness Course

"The Transformative Life Skills protocol provides a simple, teachable tool to address stress and trauma in a way that students can accept and use.  I taught the protocol to several classes so far, and to at least three students individually; they students really seem to like it and report trying it on their own.  I have a real tool to give students to help themselves." says a teacher who took our online, self-paced Dynamic Mindfulness Foundation (DMF) training recently.

In this course comprised of 6 hour-long lessons available at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, you learn the power and potential of an evidence-based, trauma-informed mindfulness practice that systematically enables social and emotional learning and transforms school and classroom climate. 

Over 99% of those who have taken this training have reported that it enhanced their personal sustainability as well as professional practice. Educators, mental health professionals and others are recognizing the need for mindfulness to be trauma-informed.

Given endemic chronic stress, traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress in our communities, we need trauma-informed Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in order to address the whole child.  We need to heal our children before we rush to teach them.

This accessible and affordable training comes with our comprehensive multimedia curriculum, which is one of just four mindfulness programs from around the world, that meet the stringent research criteria for evidence-based practice set by the national Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).