Training Exemplary Yoga Therapists

For several years, we have been comprehensively training yoga teachers and health professionals to become excellent Yoga Therapists. Here is why students are choosing our acclaimed 2-year 800-hour training:

  • Accredited by International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Integration of the art and science of yoga therapy, finely balancing theory and practice
  • Excellent faculty with extensive experience and wide range of expertise
  • Comprehensive coverage of many common chronic conditions and special populations
  • Hands-on experience through weekend modules, weekly classes and in clinical settings
  • Small-group setting for maximal individualized attention and supervision

A recent applicant wrote, "I am choosing this training because it includes overall holistic yoga philosophy for promoting harmony of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual levels." Another applicant said, "I would like to use yoga as a tool in my practice as a therapist. It will help empower my clients to develop mindfulness for making behavioral changes and healing their lives."

A graduate of the program, an MD with an abiding interest in Integrative and Functional Medicine, wrote: "I think as with all learning we come for our own purpose, to heal ourselves. Wholeness as a human being has to occur to us before we can ask it of others. The beauty of this training is that it is truly completing the circle." Accepting applications now!