Yoga Therapy Program forms Partnerships for Healthy Communities

Given the pervasive presence of hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and asthma in our communities, and especially in underserved communities, and that 75% of every dollar spent on health care goes to treatment of chronic diseases, a series of exciting partnerships are forming to provide avenues for deploying Niroga trained yoga therapists.

Building on our existing partnership with Alameda County Public Health Department, we are being requested to provide Yoga Therapy protocols and Lifestyle Therapeutics for chronic disease prevention and management in group settings. Additionally, community clinics in Alameda County are requesting that we provide stress resilience training for their staff, as well as yoga therapy for their clients - individually and in groups.

The Ethnic Health Institute at Sutter Health has requested our involvement during their annual Hypertension Sunday coming up on February 22. We will provide stress resilience practices to dozens of faith-based groups, complementing a significant mobilization of health screening and referrals for thousands of individuals.  In addition, noting the rapid increase of hypertension in young African American males, Kaiser Permanente is interested in the dissemination of Niroga's Healing Yoga protocol for hypertension, and evaluation of its public health impact on this population.