Yoga Therapy Transforming Community Health

Given Niroga's substantial presence and partnerships in the Bay Area, our Yoga Therapy students-in-training have many opportunities for enhancing their learning in the real world in community health settings, while being a game-changer in building healthy communities.

Alameda County Public Health Department, responsible for the health and well-being of 1.5 million residents, has partnered with Niroga Institute to enhance their efforts in Chronic Disease Prevention and Management. Hypertension, Diabetes and Asthma are some of the main concerns, as is an increasingly aging population.

Niroga Yoga Therapy students-in-training are regularly providing yoga therapy sessions in senior centers, community clinics and in Hypertension and Diabetes support groups throughout the County. With funding from the County, we recently released a 15-minute Yoga Therapy protocol video for asthma, which children and adults can use for home practice.

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from those served.  After leading a Yoga Therapy protocol for the Diabetes Support Group at the Dublin Senior Center, one of our yoga therapists said:

"I had a very good class today; they were vey nice, thankful, and wanted to have this class regularly, and also at other sites. One had a glucose monitor and it showed 20 points lower at the end of the class."

After leading a Spanish speaking class in East Oakland, another of our yoga therapists said:

"I intermingled culturally relevant phrases to create a warm atmosphere in which we could explore mindful movement and breath. During the guided meditation at the end, I also made sure to include sending well wishes to ourselves and those we love who may be far away (family separation is often a big stressor for Latin Americans living in the US). I learned a lot from people in this group – they were all incredibly lively, dedicated, and full of gratitude. I felt humbled and inspired by this experience."