Zero Suspensions Two years in a Row!

When King Chavez Principal Scott Worthing decided to implement a school-wide Dynamic Mindfulness program over two years ago at his school in the tough Barrio Logan district of San Diego, I had asked him what would be a metric of program success. He said, "Every year, I have to suspend 10-12 kids, and each time it breaks my heart, because I know it feeds the school-to-prison pipeline. If I could get to zero suspensions, I would be flying a mile high."

And now, two years later, Scott declares that it feels wonderful to have zero suspensions two years in a row! All staff and administration have been trained in Dynamic Mindfulness, and they have appreciated the post-training follow-up coaching support, which ensures that solutions are quickly implemented even as barriers arise for application personally and professionally. With mindfulness teams forming among staff and student leaders, as well as families, and with culturally competent support, the impacts are being felt well beyond the school.

At the annual Learning Conference with all 250 staff of the 7 King-Chavez schools, a parent stood up and said, "I am so grateful that you are teaching mindfulness to our children. My son is teaching me how to be mindful, and I am finding how this practice is changing my life."

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