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Yoga Therapy Transforming Community Health

Niroga Yoga Therapy students-in-training have many opportunities for enhancing their learning in the real world in community health settings, while being a game-changer in building healthy communities.

Acclaim for Stress Resilience Conference

As a capstone to our Summer Learning Institute, about 150 attendees came together for our Stress Resilience Conference in Oakland two weeks ago. The audience was actively engaged in conversation with compelling speakers, as they presented multiple perspectives on the need for stress resilience in education, health, violence prevention and more. One participant, a mental health professional, said, "I have attended many conferences over the years; this was the very best!"

Zero Suspensions Two years in a Row!

When King Chavez Principal Scott Worthing decided to implement a school-wide Dynamic Mindfulness program over two years ago at his school in the tough Barrio Logan district of San Diego, I had asked him what would be a metric of program success. He said, "Every year, I have to suspend 10-12 kids, and each time it breaks my heart, because I know it feeds the school-to-prison pipeline. If I could get to zero suspensions, I would be flying a mile high."

Stress Resilience Conference in Oakland on August 14

Ever-growing stress is a reality for most of us – it is affecting the health and well-being of individuals, families, schools, institutions and organizations. Renowned experts in the interconnected domains of education, health, violence prevention and child/youth development will converge in downtown Oakland, to explore the impact of chronic stress and trauma, and optimal solutions for Building stress-resilient schools and communities.

Dynamic Mindfulness Training in Oakland on August 12-13

Our Dynamic Mindfulness Training is a comprehensive Professional Development course for educators and mental health professionals. Learn the foundations of Dynamic Mindfulness, and how to integrate this scientifically validated practice in the classroom and with your clients. You will also gain valuable tools for increasing personal sustainability.

Breathe Easier with Healing Yoga Protocol for Asthma

One in 10 children, and one in 12 adults in the US have asthma – that is 30 million people, and the annual cost is $60 Billion. As part of the Alameda County Public Health Department's focus on chronic disease prevention and management, they requested us to create a 15-minute Healing Yoga video protocol for asthma, available online so that anyone can practice it anytime, anywhere.

Training Exemplary Yoga Therapists

For several years, we have been comprehensively training yoga teachers and health professionals to become excellent yoga therapists. Find out why students are choosing our acclaimed IAYT-accredited 2-year 800-hour Certified Yoga Therapist training. Accepting applications now!

Stress Resilience Conference in Oakland on Friday Aug 14

Renowned experts in the interconnected domains of education, health, violence prevention and child/youth development will converge in downtown Oakland for a day-long conference, to explore the impact of chronic stress and trauma in our lives, as well as optimal solutions for building stress-resilient communities. Gabor Mate, renowned author and mind-body physician, will be delivering the opening keynote. If you are regularly stressed out, or are around people who are, come find out what you can do about it. Mark your calendars now!

Impact of Mindful Mentoring

"This work is inspiring, hopeful, and revolutionary," said one of our mentors in our Mindful Mentoring Program. And one of the mentees, a young adult in the program, said, "I am tired of drugs, anger and violence in the streets. Our communities need peace and healing, and yoga can bring that. That is the gift I want to bring to my communities." As Baltimore grieves, what difference could this practice make if the Police Officers and our youth learned to act with self-mastery?

"That Makes Me Feel So Powerful!"

It was a weekly Peer Leadership Meeting with students from an Oakland high school. After every one of the 12 in the circle led the others in a few minutes of practice, we all sat down to discuss the connections between optimal leadership qualities and Dynamic Mindfulness.

A Turn-Around as Adults Turn Leadership Over to Students

The Barrio Logan district in San Diego has been affected by poverty, crime and gang violence - in 2010 the Southeast San Diego neighborhoods were featured on The History Channel's Gangland television series. Niroga has a program in two schools there, a late elementary school and a middle school. See what happened when two students from each classroom in the middle school came together to form a Mindfulness Team.

From School Rifle Range to Healing Sanctuary

A Rifle Range in a School? Indeed, Oakland High School used to have a rifle range on campus, built by the JROTC (military recruitment) folks, but it is currently being used for yoga. An Oak High school teacher, who is trained in Niroga's Transformative Life Skills and is currently completing the Niroga Certified Yoga Teacher Training program, took it upon herself to transform the rifle range into a healing sanctuary, a safe space for transformative practice.

On 10th Anniversary, Niroga opens Los Angeles Office

Building on the success of school programs in San Diego, and the growing need for our Dynamic Mindfulness programs throughout Southern California, Niroga celebrates its 10th birthday by opening a branch office in Los Angeles, with Coleen Armstrong-Yamamura as Program Manager.

Why Dynamic Mindfulness? An Answer from the Heart

I was recently asked the question, "Why are you so passionate about schools adopting dynamic mindfulness?" Although there are many logical and scientifically supported answers to that question, the answer that came from my heart was, "For Lawrence."

Preventing Self-Harm Among Teenagers

A concerned parent from a high-performing Silicon Valley high school reached out for help recently, after another student at that school had committed suicide. While parents, teachers, counselors and administrators were frantically looking for solutions, the students were vocal at a recent school board meeting.

Alternatives to Incarceration

One in 30 Americans is either in prison, on parole or on probation, and the US has one of the highest incarceration rates for youth and adults in the world. Not only is this a colossal waste of human potential, but also given that 3 out of 4 people released go right back in, this trillion-dollar revolving door is not financially sustainable. Additionally, there is disproportionate representation of minorities in the criminal justice population.

A Catalyst for System Change

Building on her presentation at the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Professor Lynette Lee from the Division of Criminal Justice at California State University, Sacramento recently wrote a paper on Evidence-Based Criminal Justice Practices and Transformative Life Skills.

Yoga Therapy Program forms Partnerships for Healthy Communities

Given the pervasive presence of hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and asthma in our communities, and especially in underserved communities, and that 75% of every dollar spent on health care goes to treatment of chronic diseases, a series of exciting partnerships are forming to provide avenues for deploying Niroga trained yoga therapists.

Healing Yoga Improves Heart Health

Summarizing the results from 32 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), researchers published a recent paper on the effectiveness of yoga for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome, in the journal Preventive Cardiology.