National Award for Education Excellence and Equity Honors SFUSD Assistant Superintendent Karling Aguilera-Fort

National Award for Education Excellence and Equity Honors SFUSD Assistant Superintendent Karling Aguilera-Fort

Making education fair for all students takes persistence, values, charisma and grit. Luckily for San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), Karling Aguilera-Fort has what it takes. He has been paving a better road to student success for his entire career.

To honor his work, Niroga Institute gave Aguilera-Fort the Education Excellence and Equity Award. This national award was presented at Niroga Institute's annual Stress Resilience Conference.

Karling has always been an advocate for disadvantaged students within his district. Some of his greatest successes include use of inclusive practices for students with special educational needs across all schools in the district, his application of English Language Day classes, language support for English learners, and differentiated instruction for students from diverse backgrounds and diverse learning styles.

Niroga presents the Education Excellence and Equity Award to one outstanding leader each year. The awardee is chosen for his or her commitment to two primary domains of service:

  1. Narrowing the achievement gap
  2. Supporting social and emotional learning

Karling, a district level leader of SFUSD, is bridging the realms of mindfulness and education.  He is committed to taking the whole child into account when developing learning programs. Karling recognizes the inherent disadvantages that some students have when they enter the classroom and builds the programs for their success.

Karling was chosen by a national committee comprised of renowned educational leaders and scholars. Linda Treadway is Senior Associate of the Institute for Educational Leadership in Washington, DC. Rebecca Cheung is Program Director of the Principal Leadership Institute at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education.  Kofi-Charu Nat Turner is Associate Professor in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Karling Aguilera-Fort

Karling Aguilera-Fort is the Assistant Superintendent in charge of supervising 16 PK-8 schools in the Bernal-Noe and Mission District in SFUSD.  Karling has served as the principal of Leonard R Flynn Elementary School during the school years 2010-2012. Before that, he served Assistant Superintendent of Learning Support & Equity for the Academics and Professional Development Division in the SFUSD with a budget of more than 160 million dollars.

Karling’s work is focused on ensuring high quality and equitable education for students who historically we have not been able to serve appropriately. He has been responsible for overseeing programs that were created to serve populations of students that historically we have not been supported to the fullest extent. These programs include: English Learner Services, Special Education Services and Standard English Learner Services.  Karling is a firm believer in developing the whole child. Thus, he believes that we must support the development of the whole educator in order to provide the tools and mindset to address the needs of the students we receive every day in our classrooms.