Dynamic Mindfulness comes to Jersey City Public School District

When we presented the reasons why trauma-informed Dynamic Mindfulness (DMind) could have a strong impact on students, it immediately resonated with Superintendent Lyles. She wanted to pilot it in two of her alternative schools with the students most challenged with emotion regulation.

Since Principal Mary Jo wanted to get started "as soon as possible," all staff at both schools are taking our 6-hour Dynamic Mindfulness Foundation (DMF) training, so they have some tools for (a) personal sustainability (stress management, self-care and healing from vicarious trauma), and (b) professional application with their students. 

We will be conducting a 2-day Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher (DMT) training in New Jersey on June 13 and 14, hosted by the Jersey City Public School District. This training will also be open to classroom teachers and mental health professionals in the New York / New Jersey region.

Through online and in-person trainings, coaching for all staff, and peer leadership support for staff, students and families, our programming will comprehensively build classroom teacher capability, while measurably enhancing academic excellence and social emotional learning.

Niroga has worked directly with 50,000 students and trained 10,000 educators.  Over the past 11 years we have honed our robust and field-tested, evidence-based and trauma-informed model.  When DMind is practiced by students, staff and families (the 3 components of a school's ecosystem), it transforms the entire school's culture and values by enhancing school and classroom climate, home environment, and a school's community connections.