How Dynamic Mindfulness Supports Wellbeing

Chronic stress is ubiquitous in America’s public schools and teachers are woefully under supported in developing tools to deal with that stress. The latest research in neuroscience shows that this state of chronic stress turns off the brain's ability to focus, regulate emotion, cope with stress, and empathize with others. The techniques that Dynamic Mindfulness teaches support the brain in turning on these essential functions.

Dynamic Mindfulness addresses the kinesthetic, emotional and cognitive elements of our bodies. It is an evidence based, trauma informed method designed to build stress resilience, enable emotional regulation, and increase our ability to empathize with others. Dynamic Mindfulness integrates the Mindful ABCs—action, breathing, and centering—into a powerful intervention that can be implemented in the classroom or clinic in 5-minute to 20-minute sessions, 3 to 5 times a week.

The centuries-old techniques of physical postures (action), breathing techniques, and meditation (centering) are known to reduce tension, relax and focus the mind, and energize the body - the Mindful ABC’s. Dynamic Mindfulness works by incorporating these three components in unison: moving with full attention on the present experience while using the breath to calm the nervous system.

At the most physiological level, Dynamic Mindfulness is a tool to release stress from the academic environment to make the school culture a more joyful and collaborative experience for both teachers and students. When practiced regularly, individuals begin to see changes in the way that they feel and act without even consciously trying. Transformation begins to happen from the inside out.

Dynamic Mindfulness Can Transform School Culture

Dynamic Mindfulness empowers children, adolescents and adults with the ability to act mindfully in stressful situations rather than react reflexively. Dynamic Mindfulness enables students and teachers to develop a strong sense of self-awareness at both a psychological and physical level. This supports their ability to make choices with forethought and build empathic relationships with their students, student families and colleagues.

Dynamic Mindfulness has the power to revolutionize how schools deal with stress and trauma.

King Chavez Arts and Athletics Academy in San Diego, CA is one of those schools that has transformed. Student engagement is increasing, teacher burnout is decreasing, and suspensions have been reduced to zero for two consecutive years! In this video you will learn how the implementation of Dynamic Mindfulness school-wide has been at the center of this transformation.