New Houston Office to Lead Efforts in Teacher Wellness

We opened our first Regional Office in Los Angeles last year. Now we are getting ready to open our second Regional Office in Houston in January 2017. Both offices will focus on serving students and teachers in their area. Our Houston office will also drive our national efforts in Teacher Wellness.

Our primary effort is on providing multiple levels of in person training that teaches educators about the brain-behavior connection and how regular moments of mindfulness practice can enhance teacher wellness and effectiveness. We provide schools with customizable options for receiving training. We can offer a school-wide six hour training, or break it down into different segments. We understand how busy schools are and work with each site to integrate the training and practice seamlessly.  

After the training, we offer coaching to provide more guidance for bringing mindfulness to the classroom. Teachers also have access to our online six-hour Dynamic Mindfulness Foundations course. This course reinforces material covered during on site trainings and provides teachers the opportunity to practice on their own.

Additionally, we are encouraging school staff to bring these healing practices to their colleagues. These Mindfulness Ambassadors are transforming school culture and climate one breath at a time.