Time for transition and consolidation of Niroga Yoga Studio

transition and consolidation of Niroga Yoga Studio

Even though Niroga has offered over 20 Mindful Yoga classes every week at different studio locations in Berkeley for over 10 years, it is now time to consolidate our studio classes. Starting September 6, we will be relocating our community classes to our Training Center in Oakland.

This will involve reducing the number of yoga classes offered per week, but it will allow us to focus our attention on our Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training programs. These programs enable us to serve more effectively and continue to sustain and develop our Education, Health, and Violence Prevention programs and partnerships in multiple counties throughout the Bay Area, maximizing our organizational impact.

We realize that the reduction of yoga studio classes will impact many of our students who have found solace and sanctuary in our classes and community.  We hope that you will be able to join us in our community classes in Oakland, while you continue to develop your personal practice. One of our long-time studio students, said with his eyes welling up in tears, “For a long time I thought I had found a home in Niroga. But you know, actually Niroga has found a home in me. I am a Niroga satellite, ready to be launched!”