Brishana's Story: Triumph of Transformation and Resilience

When Brishana was just 2 years old, her mom was murdered near her home. She took comfort in being 'daddy's girl' for a while, but he passed away when she was 9 years old. She was too young to process the loss of her parents, but by the time she turned 18, she said, "I experienced a state of depression and was even paranoid at times, as well as having anxiety attacks. I was working a full-time job, living on my own, and providing for myself. I was trying so hard every day to keep myself up, wanting to be okay, still trying to meet all the outside deadlines when really I just needed a space to rest and just be with what I was going through."

The following brief video shows Brishana's metamorphosis, finding her resilience through yoga and paying it forward in her community as a Niroga-certified Yoga Teacher. This beautiful video is an offering by Shaka Jamal, another graduate of our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program.