An Exceptional School Leader

Principal Eric Guthertz, Mission High School

An Exceptional School Leader

In the diverse and lively Mission District in the center of San Francisco, is one of the city's oldest schools, Mission High. Principal Eric Guthertz is committed to excellence and equity, embracing the development of the whole child and the whole educator.

Embracing trauma-informed Dynamic Mindfulness (DMind), Principal Guthertz said,

" We're seeing great results - what students are saying about how they are feeling about themselves and their classrooms, and seeing changes throughout the day! "

Over 80% of students surveyed, reported increased ability to focus, and make better/healthier choices. One said, "It really gives you some freedom from stress, when you’re feeling helpless." Another said, "It helps me to connect with myself and my surroundings. It helps with every part of my life!"

100% of teachers surveyed, reported increased ability to manage stress, and sustaining themselves better as teachers. An English teacher said, "DMind is helping me be a more calm and empathetic teacher." A Math teacher said, "I have a young child at home, and I sometimes struggle to deal with the lack of sleep and demands of teaching. DMind practice makes me more focused, more present, and more effective in using my time."