Tap Into the Exciting Work Being Done in Houston!

Houston training

We have trained over 200 teachers this summer alone and began our fall direct service programs in three Houston Independent School District schools, KIPP Liberation, and Etoile Academy Charter School.

  • After our first class with Etoile Academy working with 5th graders, the principal reported back that when she asked a student their favorite part of the day, he enthusiastically exclaimed "those exercises with Ms. Jaszmine!" (referring to Dynamic Mindfulness, or DMind). The principal also noted that the first day of DMind was also the first day they had no student behavior referrals!
  • As KIPP Liberation enters its fourth year with a Dynamic Mindfulness program, we expanded to include a Peer Leadership Program. Once a week 25 students will meet for a full 50-minute class to gain the skills and confidence for teaching DMind in their classrooms.
  • Rebekah presented at the Center for School Behavioral Health conference, "Why Do Students Act the Way They Do?", and introduced Niroga and our work to over 600 teachers, counselors, and administrators.