How to Start and Sustain a Dynamic Mindfulness Practice

Cue... Routine... Reward

Cue... Routine... RewardHave you been thinking about starting a Dynamic Mindfulness practice, but you're unsure where to begin and how to sustain that practice?

We know that just 15 minutes of DMind, three times a week can increase our ability to manage stress and support healthy relationships.

You can make DMind a daily habit by following these three simple tips:

  • Create a routine by practicing at the same time and place everyday.
  • Running low on time?  Shorten your practice to just 2-5 minutes - a few minutes periodically through the day is better than 1 hour on a single day and helps establish routine.
  • If you miss a practice, be gentle with yourself and restart as soon as possible.

Continue to nurture your DMind practice over time for greater stress resilience and emotion regulation. Wherever you are in your mindfulness journey, we’re here to support and encourage you!