Dynamic Mindfulness is Growing in Southern California

Dynamic Mindfulness training

Our vision of A Million Mindful Children is coming to fruition as students, educators, and non-profit organizers across Los Angeles and San Diego are experiencing the power of Dynamic Mindfulness. We’re proud of our steady expansion across Los Angeles and San Diego, thanks to the efforts of Joyce Hu, Southern California Regional Manager, and Camille Aragon, Southern California Program Manager.

Highlights from 2018 include:

  • Expanded our long-term partnership with King-Chavez Neighborhood of Schools from two to three schools, thanks to the support from Richard B. Seigel Foundation, Niroga donors, and the King Chavez Neighborhood of Schools.  This collaboration reflects the recognition by the entire community of the quality, value, and long-term impact provided by the Dynamic Mindfulness programs. The ripples of change are growing and we are deeply grateful for our partners and donors.
  • Worked closely with non-profit organizations that focus on education to provide our highly-praised trauma-informed Dynamic Mindfulness Trainings.  Now these community agencies are equipped with powerful skills to serve their schools, families and communities and lessen the effects of compassion fatigue.